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Clueless un poème, en anglais, de Cassandra

octobre 1999

People look at me strangely, I'm not at all sure why,

I comtempate asking, but I'm really much too shy.

I think it could be my shoelace, my haircut or my fly,

-But I took the chance of checking as the mirror men walked by.

I think, 'I'm getting paranoid, I'm sure there's nothing wrong."

But they still keep staring at me and I still keep feeling wrong!

It's much later in the day and I've just been shown the light,

I'm much happier with myself now that I've been brought to rights,

By a really friendly person, in fact, a passing walker,

It wasn't me they were straing at, not me, I have a stalker!

I'm home feeling much better and I think it's all a joke,

They were not staring at me, just some psychopathic bloke!

In fact I think it's so funny that I needed someone to tell,

So I've invited him in for tea and cakes and well...

He's quite a charming fellow and but keeps looking at his watch!

I can't see why he's worried, he really should be not.

There's the strangest noise of ticking, counding underneath my chair,

And I can't imagine what it is... especially under there!

He's a really lovely man though and I think we'll be great friends,

(But only if this ticking noise will hurry up and end!)

The expression on his face though, is getting rather bleak..

And he's making up excuses as to why he needs to leave!

I've made him finish eating, his chocolate éclair,

Because it seems a little sad if he's leaving underfed.

He's walking out the door now, he's saying his goodbyes,

But I still keep hearing ticking, so I've apologised.

He just laughs about it though, and I can't tell what he knows!

But now he's gone I'll fix this awful ticking,

Before something expl............